John Borack defines power pop, also called melodic rock-and-roll, as follows: "pop music with power, catchy tunes with an attitude. It refers to an energetic interpretation of pop rock, based in equal parts on melodic hooks and killer instinct. It takes obvious inspiration from mid-1960s rock'n'roll, especially from groups like The Beatles, The Kinks and the early Who. From about 1977 onward, it has frequently absorbed a recognizable influence from the ragin' rhythms of punk" (7, Note that mod revival is included in this definition.

To be new wave power pop, a song typically has:

  • A strong, catchy, traditional verse-chorus melody
  • A guitar-based rock punch that is not too bluesy
  • Multi-voiced vocal harmonies, although this is not a requirement
  • A recognizable musical influence from the "Big B's" - that is, Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds, Badfinger, Big Star
  • A recognizable influence from punk
  • A release date somewhere between 1978-1984

Examples of power pop bands: The Romantics, Shoes, The Records, Bram Tchaikovsky, Squeeze, The Names, The Diodes, The Buzzcocks, The Paul Collins Beat, The Plimsouls, 20/20, The Producers, The Knack, Go-Gos, The Keys, The Bangles, The dBs, The Barracudas, The Motors, The Vapors, The Nerves, The Spongetones, Bill Lloyd, Fools Face, The Bongos, Dirty Looks, The Jags, Tommy Keene, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Brains, The A's, Any Trouble. Notice that REM and jangle pop groups are not on this list!

The survey asks for your 10 new wave power pop songs, album cuts only (7" if no album cut is available). Don't distinguish different versions of songs, e.g., 12" remix by so-and-so. Email deevo0 through nwoutpost if you have problems with the survey.